Income Tax Return (ITR) filing alert! These errors are in your ID? Do this ASAP or you will be trapped

Income Tax Return (ITR) filing alert! These errors are in your ID? Do this ASAP or you will be trapped

Income Tax Return (ITR) filing: Every salaried employee has to file Income Tax Return (ITR). It needs to be noted that every individual is liable to pay taxes on income. However,  Income Tax Department lends a helping hand as it allows a list of claims that brings down taxes that you pay. Taxpayers now have to link their Aadhaar card if they want a successful ITR filing. Earlier, there was no clarity till now whether taxpayers really had to link Aadhaar card or not as the ID was challenged in the Supreme Court. However, now fresh light has been shed on the issue and it is now critical now for everyone to definitely link their Aadhaar card while filing ITR. In short, for income tax return filing, Aadhaar card is compulsory!

Income tax return includes a form that needs to be filled up. It asks for details about incomes from all sources and indicates the taxes imposed thereon to the I-T department. Every citizen is obligated to file ITR before the I-T department. There are various forms depending upon the category of income like  ITR 1, ITR 2, ITR 3, ITR 4, ITR 5, ITR 6 and ITR 7. These forms are needed to be filed before a specified date decided by the IT department.

If you open the ITR forms, then you will see in the general information category where Aadhaar and PAN is a criteria for KYC norms. Earlier linking Aadhaar card was an optional information.

Now looking at the form, one may think that either Aadhaar or PAN information can be fed while filing for ITR.

But that is not the case, as Supreme Court has also made it mandatory for linking Aadhaar with PAN. Simply put, there is no escape and a taxpayer has to add Aadhaar number.

According to section 139AA of the Income Tax Act, every citizen who is eligible to obtain Aadhaar to quote either the Aadhaar Number or the Enrollment ID while filing ITR or applying for PAN.

Major reason for making Aadhaar mandatory is to authenticate tax filing and improve tax collections.

Beware of this  Aadhaar card dealbreaker! 

But what happens to your ITR filing if there is an error in your Aadhaar card. Before filing a taxpayer has to make sure the errors need to be rectified to seamless procedures. There are bunch of reasons as to why an error could hit your Aadhaar card.

Let’s understand the common errors in your Aadhaar card.

Firstly, if your Aadhaar card has been rejected, then UIDAI will issue a valid reason for rejecting the biometric identification. Even the registrar will be informed about the reason, hence, all you can do is make sure the issues are cleared and once again file for Aadhaar with accurate documents.

Documents like Passport, PAN card, ration card, electricity bill, driving licence, certificate of marriage and voter identification card are key information to be given while applying for Aadhaar card. Make sure there are no errors involved in these documents or else there can be a possible rejection.

Secondly, in case you have misplaced or lost your Aadhaar card, then the individual must get in touch with their respective Aadhaar contact centre either via post, mail or phone. Reason for Aadhaar card loss must be provided. He or she must give their enrolment numbers and request for a new Aadhaar card for similar identification.

Notably, applying for another Aadhaar card after losing the original, entails some service fee, which is charged by the centre.

Going ahead, if you have misplaced your Aadhaar number, then there is an easy step to retrieve it. One can just go on their online aadhaar service and avail their number. If this option is not available then, a resident can call on toll free number 1947 and get assistance for the process. One can also download e-aadhaar via the official portal.

Additionally, one simple step to remember your Aadhaar card number is to feed it either in your phone or make extra photocopy of the biometric. Hence, even if your main Aadhaar number is lost along with the card, at least you will have a back-up.

There can also be a possibility, that the Aadhaar ID has been updated and you are being asked for manual check. This simply means, that Aadhaar is getting enhanced in the system and it will take at least 90 days. However, if the status does not change post 90 days, then you must contact  authorities or call toll free number or even email them at for assistance.

What happens when there is a discrepancy? Make a note as this is a major issue as both are needed to file ITR. For linking Aadhaar with PAN, the main information that needs to be matched is date of birth, gender, and name etc. Even if there is slightest error in these identifications like spelling or date mistake, then the linking process will be hampered. Such would involve a whole new process to get it rectified which includes paperwork. One can visit their nearby Aadhaar centre or call toll free number or mail the issue for assistance.

If both Aadhaar and PAN information are similar, then an One-Time-Password (OTP) will be sent on your registered mobile number for confirmation.

Another major issue in Aadhaar is if it contains spelling errors or any other demographic error. This issue has been witnessed by many individuals across.

Remember during the time of enrolment, you will be asked to check your data, hence review it thoroughly. If you spot an error during that time, you can let the authorities know and they will make the necessary changes. Hence remember to have a double check of your information.

If you fail to spot the error, then the Enrolment Acknowledgement letter will be printed as per the information provided by you.

If you realise that there is an error in your Aadhaar card once it is delivered to you, then you will have to  visit the enrolment center in order to perform a demographic correction.  Note that this procedure must be done with 2 days after enrolment. Additionally, an individual can write a letter about the wrong information and submit once again the correct documents and the enrolment slip at the center.

Finally, the last case scenario can be that you have applied for Aadhaar but your card has not been delivered. In such cases, you should get in touch with UIDAI Contact Centre and provide them with his/her Enrolment number.

Apart from this, an individual can also login into the UIDAI official website and check the status of his/her Aadhaar application. There will be a slip given to you after applying for Aadhaar card. This slip is your identification till the time you get your proper Aadhaar card. Hence, the slip will contain your 12-digit biometric Aadhaar number, which you can use to check status on UIDAI website.

If you face the above mentioned issues, then make sure they are taken care off fast, otherwise you will suffer a big difficulty in filing your ITR. Remember, Aadhaar is a critical necessity for you to move forward!


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