Changing your residence? Here is how to transfer Indane, HP, Bharat Gas LPG connection

Changing your residence? Here is how to transfer Indane, HP, Bharat Gas LPG connection

LPG Transfer: The number of LPG users in India are on the rise. However, there are many users who live on rent or change their residence due to various reasons. Many professionals living in metro cities change their residence due to change in job or due to transfer from one place to another. While they may face some challenges due to this, one of the issues they face is to get their LPG connection transferred in case of inter-city locations. LPG cylinder is among the first things that you will require at your new residence. If you also want to get your Bharat Gas/HP/Indane other LPG connection tranferred, you will have to follow the process mentioned below. The process is almost similar for all service providers.

1. In case, the transfer is within the city or in a certain adjoining city, then:

* The existing distributor will issue e-Customer Transfer Advise (e-CTA) ie. Authorisation Code on the production of Subscription Voucher (SV). The e-CTA is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

* The SV with the Authorisation Code should be produced to the new distributor, who will enrol the customer & return the original SV after endorsement. The SV is an important document and should be retained safely.

Here, the equipment (cylinder + regulator) need not be surrendered, but be carried by the customer.

2. In case of transfer of connection from one place to another,

* The distributor at the current location will issue Termination Voucher (TV) and will refund the deposit amount mentioned in the SV, on surrender of existing equipment (cylinder/s and regulator). The TV is valid for one year from the date of issue.

* Do not surrender your Domestic Gas Consumer Card. The same card can be used at the new location after endorsement by the new distributor.

* Reconnection can be availed at the new place by payment of the same deposit amount mentioned in the TV. Please collect the new SV and retain it safely.

* Upon your request, the distributor will arrange to collect the gas equipment from your premises, subject to payment of applicable charges.

Therefore, it’s important for you to keep the LPG connection related documents safe as it is required for any change you want in your connections.

Source:- zeebiz